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Liquid Adhesive

How to use

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NOTE:  Before the use of any Adhesive.. A 24 hour patch test should always be conducted or a through research of the ingredients, can prevent scalp irritation or allergic reaction.

Great White is our best and longest holding water based adhesive. It’s a copolymer adhesive that is strong, and dries clear, which will give your customers the confidence they need. It’s very easy to work with and not stringy, so you can save time in the salon. It is non-flammable so it saves you on shipping costs. Plus, the formula is bacteria resistant allowing the adhesive to stay fresher for longer. Think of it as a great alternative to Ultra Hold.

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Super Lace Glue is our most popular adhesive.  Has a hold of 2-3wks ,goes on clear dry's clear , with a hard hold ,very concentrated. 100% water  proof, invisible can be used for extended . is stringy so  be careful when applying .water base cleans up with c22 solvent

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