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Stylist Bio

Mr.Scrap has worked prestigiously in the Cosmetology business for over 25 years and as the son of hairstylist Icon Mr. H.Gray Underwood, Mr. Scrap has a natural knack for hair. 


Being an expert at the craft of hair cutting Mr Scrap has  a large following customer base via hard work and dedication...


." With a mixture of cutting , extensions and weaving being the passion of my career", And having served the New York hair replacement industry for more than 10 .. Mr.Scrap  has what it takes to add more of an artistic approach to the non-surgical hair replacement industry, giving the system wearer a much more natural look.


As a hair system wearer himself Mr Scrap understands and can relate. 

My Name copyright 2023 no animals were harmed in the making

my business copyright 2000 no animals were harmed in the making

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